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Drive-In Nights J. D. Guilfoyle

Drive-In Nights

J. D. Guilfoyle

ISBN : 9781401099565
184 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Drive-In Nights is a look backward to the time when drive-in movie theaters lined almost every highway and filmmakers like Roger Corman and William Castle were grinding out stinkers like Teenage Caveman and The Tingler. J.D. Guilfoyle has put together a collection of pieces that celebrate his bond with the trash cinema and beyond, ranging from critiques of classic howlers like Attack of the Killer Shrews, including an interview with star James Best, to profiles of cinemas last great Dracula, Christopher Lee. Funny, nostalgic and informative, Drive-In Nights is a valentine to big cars, B movies and misspent youth.